Hair-Styling at NMM

Wanna catch eye at a gathering?
Hair has always been an important part of beauty and everyone desires beautiful hair. It is one the first things that anyone notices about your appearance when you meet someone. A good hairstyle gives a new life to your overall appearance.

That is why everyone puts in lots of efforts to keep their hair in good condition. We at Neha Makeup Mantra the best makeup artist in Moradabad are dedicated to give your hair a new, stylish and lively look that makes you hair look simply the best.

Your hairstyle is an extension of your beauty and we at Monsoon take great pride in making your hair awesome and healthy. Our specialized hair dressing techniques are best suited for the Indian hair texture. We provide complete salon solutions to our clients from Moradabad and nearby areas.

Nail-Styling at NMM

Wanna catch eye at a gathering?
Nail art and extensions have become very popular among all the women across India and is no less the daily need. Neha Makeup Mantra offer the best quality and huge range of designs at the lowest possible price. A team of highly trained professional is available to take care of your nails.

They have a very deep knowledge about nail care, different art designs and patterns for you. These is nothing trending when it comes to nail fashion, so we keep on designing and experimenting with new nail designs which look rich and fabulous. We guide you all the way from selecting the design by understanding your requirements to all about nail aftercare.

As responsibleĀ  we understand our responsibilities towards customer safety and hygiene standards, so we regularly clean all the equipments involved after every session done. Quality of the products is very important if we want to deliver high standards of nails. Neha Makeup Mantra use all the world leading nail art and extensions products from all around the world.

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