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Career As a Makeup Artist: Scope, Qualification and Makeup Artist Salary in India

Career As a Makeup Artist How would you react if I told you that Americans spend more money on beauty than education, or that lipstick sales increase during a recession or during wars? You would be surprised, wouldn’t you?

Despite the fact that makeup has been around for thousands of years, it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. In fact, it is continuing to grow exponentially as people around the world become more conscious about their looks. In that situation, you may ask, “How about becoming a makeup artist if the industry is booming so well?” We will answer, “YES, WHY NOT?”

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More and more professionals are changing their career paths to makeup artistry because of the glam, work-life balance, creativity and money involved. It is a trusted and respected professionals across the board.

If you wish to become a makeup artist then there are several things you need in order to succeed in this industry

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Pre-qualification in Career as Makeup Artist


You need education regardless of what you do. Education matures you and gives your personality a lot of weight. After finishing high school and senior secondary, many young people approach us to become makeup artists. That’s a bad idea!

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Advertising agencies, Magazines, Fashion Houses, and E-retail sectors hire professional makeup artists and typically pay a fat salary, so they require a minimum degree from a professional makeup artist before they will begin screening the work. So kindly Do not give up on your education for a short-term gain.

Creativity & Imagination ( Career as a makeup artist )

A makeup artist needs creativity, you need to be able to use your imagination to create a piece of art. Yes, you will become a makeup artist, but your journey and makeup artist salary will be below average. Instead of copying someone’s work from Google or Instagram, you should be able to come up with your own signature looks. For that, you should be imaginative and creative.

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Personality & Hygiene

The fashion industry is glamorous and glittery, and you have to have a confident personality to succeed. Cleanliness, effective communication skills and a great sense of fashion, and the latest trends are just a few.

 A makeup artist has to look and talk great! How on earth can you ever gain a client’s trust if you appear clumsy and ungroomed before them?

Skills & Attributes Required

So now that we know the pre-qualification, let’s figure out exactly what you need to be a rock star makeup artist who is famous, rich, and successful.

  • Professional Makeup Certification

If you want to get ahead in this industry, then quit your youtube videos and your makeup artist friend and join a professional makeup academy to learn the deep skills. You need to start saving money for your future career.

  • Good communication & Customer service skills

You will win over a client 30% of the time, not by your makeup skills, but by the way you speak to them. It is way too important to have excellent communication skills. Your clients must be handled with kid’s gloves and you need to have great customer service skills. Failure to do so will cause the client to switch or give you a poor experience.

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Communication skills will always get you where you want to go. You must be patient, communicate clearly, show courtesy, and most importantly be sensitive to your client’s needs.

  • Self Motivation & Business sense

Usually, if you become a makeup artist, you will become a freelancer and work for yourself. Keeping yourself motivated is crucial. I have personally seen many makeup artists quit because they were too nervous or didn’t get enough business. To quit your 9 X 5 job, you have to work 24 X 7, which means you need to constantly think about expanding, creating fine art, and understanding what will work in the market. Great skills are not enough.

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You need to understand profit and loss, basic accounting concepts, and marketing. Isn’t that what business is all about? When you sell a service or product, someone buys it. Then you market it so that the world knows you exist.

  • Work longer hours and during odd hours

There must be a perception among many of you that this job is easy with great returns. Let me tell you the truth – 4 out of 10 artists quit at some point due to the difficulty of their work. Money is great and life is great, but only for those who are willing to give their sweat and blood to this profession. Nothing comes easy in this profession.

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You may have to work long hours and at odd hours as a makeup artist, sometimes even as early as 2:00 a.m. Don’t become one if you aren’t ready for it!

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  • Ability to work under pressure

Many people wonder why professional makeup artists charge more or remark, “It’s just makeup, why are you charging so much?”

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Whether it is bridal makeup or backstage makeup, the pressure is too great. There is always chaos at weddings. Finding out that it’s your bride’s most precious moment will give you chills. Everyone measures makeup with their own barometer, a bride may love your makeup but her mother may not, all may like the makeup but the groom may not. It is extremely difficult and you have to work your way through all the challenges.

If you are working for a fashion show, you will often hear fashion designers yelling at you, and I don’t blame them since it is an extremely electrified environment with everything at stake. Professional makeup is not about making a YouTube video where you have plenty of time. It is about holding your nerves and focusing on what you do best.

  • Time Management

Time management is crucial if you want to succeed as a makeup artist. 

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Being on time to the venue and completing your work on time is the most important aspect of being a professional makeup artist. Unless you paint a Monalisa within a reasonable timeframe, nobody cares how good you are at painting. Can you imagine the bride’s state of mind if you’re 40 minutes late? She’ll freak out! No one will believe your excuse about heavy traffic. You have to be on time!

  • Attractive Personality

Last but not least! Having a personality that inspires your clients and builds trust is essential for makeup artists. There will be a subconscious check of what you wear, how you speak, and your own makeup.

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To get more clients, you must take care of yourself. As a professional, you ought to treat yourself fairly. The most important aspect is your wisdom and your confidence, which will change the game in the end for you.

  • Eye for detail

This one sets you apart from the competition. Everything from your hair to your eyeliner should be flawless. You will end up with a bad client experience if you are sloppy. A professional makeup artist must pay attention to every detail to do their job well.

There are two types of Makeup Artists. One category of workers in beauty salons has a limited scope of work. The premium category includes individuals who do custom work, run their own businesses, and work as entrepreneurs. We recommend the premium category. Makeup artists can earn anywhere from fifteen thousand rupees to five lakh rupees a month, or even more if you are among the top 10% of makeup artists in your town.

It is a competitive, glamorous, and highly regarded profession. To reach the next level, however, a lot of hard work and skills are required.

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