You are currently viewing 10 Best Nail Art designs in 2021-Provide by Neha Makeup Mantra

10 Best Nail Art designs in 2021-Provide by Neha Makeup Mantra

Are you finding the best nail art designs for yourself? Then you are landed on the right blog. Nail art is getting so much popular nowadays.

And it should be, because it enhances the beauty of your hands. There are so many attractive designs that can be printed on your nail and give you an outstanding look.

All women want to shine their nails by choosing the best nail paint, if we were to talk about local vs branded nail polish then there is so much difference in the quality. Local nail paint can destroy the nail’s natural beauty. So, we will suggest you always use branded nail paint for the care of your nails.

Many women love looking out for nail art trends and styles. They also love working on their nails through different designs with various kinds of colours. Some women like red nails, some like black nails, some like purple nails, pink nails or even yellow nails etc. 

In most cases, they love wearing these nail makeups on any occasion to make a good nail design. So here suggesting some of our best nail art designs, in which you can pick the one which suits your personality the best.

Best Nail Art-Indie Nails

It is a combination of designs & colours that you apply to the nail. You can decorate your nails with many different designs that will make your nails so attractive.

Indie nails art is a very trending design in 2021 because it is so popular among many girls. There are so many beautiful designs that can be applied to the nails to convert your simple nail into an attractive nail.

Basically, we can say it is a different approach to paint the nail with many types of designs like checked design, swirl and others fresh take on the French manicure.

Best Nail Art-Velvet Nails

Let’s shine your nail like a light by Neha Makeup Mantra’s velvet nails design. Velvet nails designs are a combination of glitter & metallic polish through which you can get an attractive nail.

To make velvet there are many types of things that are used by nail artists. Some small nail artists use flocking powder- where you have to dip your nail into it to have a velvety texture or metallic glitter. 

Some artists use magnetic or cat eyes polish to get a real shiny nail. Velvet nails will enhance your nail beauty & give you a more attractive look.

Best Nail Art-Abstract Organic Shapes

Organic shapes contain beautiful things such as leaves, rocks and clouds that increase the visibility of your nail. So abstract organic art is one of the most popular nail designs to make attractive your nails that contain organic shapes in light colours.

Neha Makeup Mantra provides the best organic shapes designs that will give your nails a natural & organic look.

Best Nail Art-Unique French Manicures

If you like a softer nail design on your nail then you can go through French manicures. You will see more variations of colours on your dips instead of white dips.

This look has one of the most popular nail designs in the world that you get at Neha Makeup Mantra. When you see French manicure nails, immediately come to the mind of teenage girls at high school dances with their thick pink acrylic base & chunky tips. 

French manicure nail art fills your white tips with eschewing vibrant polish for a clear or neutral coat that looks very amazing on your nail.

Best Nail Art-Shades of Pink

As you know pink is the favourite colour of all the girls. We can say in a kidding way that pink is an inspiration for the girls that give motivation to them. Also, pink is a very popular colour among designers because of people’s choices.

The pink colour is available from light pink to dark pink but we are talking here about the shade of pink. You can choose your nail look according to your choice from bubble-gum to hot pink shades.

Let’s get ready to be pretty in pink nail polish at Neha Makeup Mantra where you can choose pink shades including rose, coral, peach & all the designs of pinks. 

Best Nail Art-Coffin Nails

Did you notice a lot of tapered square and coffin shapes in 2021? Yes of course you will if you follow the trend of the latest nail arts. Coffin nails are a little bit longer as compared to normal nails that enhance nail beauty & give you a pretty look. 

If we talk about coffin nails in short then we can say simply it looks very beautiful in its coffin shape. Although it decorates with white nail paint normally if you can apply glossy colour patterns upon it then it enhances the look of coffin shape.

Often coffin nails are long, but in short nails, the shapes look great, too! You can try both which shoot on you.

Best Nail Art-Light Blues

The dream colour of every girl is light blues. The blue shade with the Pantone colour makes it more attractive. Pantone colour is a very attractive combination of colours that are loved by many women.

In the year 2021 Pantone colour is a trendy nail art that is used by many Makeups Artists. Neha Makeup Mantra is also using this design for their clients to keep in trend.

Basically, you can use Pantone colour with any design that you want to have for your nails. If you want to use something unique for your nails, you can try this combination. Which will make you more beautiful.

Best Nail Art-Bold Designs

If you like bolder looks and colours then you can visit Neha Makeup Mantra to get more bold looking nails. The combination of dark colours and a strong design makes the design attractive. In this design, you have to apply dark colours to your nail to get a bolder look. 

Nowadays, such designs are going to be in trend which are applied by women to highlight the nails clearly. When you want to bring your nails to centre level. Bolder nail art design will help you to get more attractive nails.

Best Nail Art-Polka Dots

This is the most popular nail art design that you can apply to match your daily wear. You can apply polka dots of multiple colours on 1 nail colour to get a glossier nail look. You can match it with your clothes, shoes & other cosmetics. 

You can apply polka dots nail art design with your day wear and also with your evening functions wear. Neha Makeup Mantra provides you with the best polka dots nail art designs with all the colours & designs. 

Best Nail Art-Matte Manicure

Last but not the least, Matte Manicure is a quality & can say professional nail art design. The design for which everyone falls in one look. If you like to have glossy and flashy nails then you can try this nail art design at Neha Makeup Mantra.

This gives the perfect look to your nail with the combination of matte nail paint & shining tip colour. Mostly black colour used for this nail design but you can apply any colour according to your choice.

Neha Makeup Mantra offers the best and huge variety of designs at a valid price. A team of highly trained professionals is available to get your nails. They are very well trained in how to design nails perfectly.

There is nothing trending and everything is trending when it comes to nail designs, so we keep on designing and experimenting with new nail designs which look rich and fabulous. We guide you all the way from selecting the design by understanding your requirements to all about nail aftercare.

For our customers, we understand our responsibilities towards customer safety and hygiene standards, so we regularly clean all the equipment involved after every session is done. Quality of the products is very important if we want to deliver high standards of nails. Neha Makeup Mantra uses all the world-leading nail art designs and extensions products from all around the world.

So, here are some nail art designs that are most likely to be in the trend in the year 2022. You could give your nails a unique look with these designs. These are the topmost beautiful designs of nail art that you can get from me (Neha Maheshwari – Founder/Chief Artist of Neha Makeup Mantra). I have been working for 21 years in this industry and with the experience I have gained in the makeup industry, I always provide the best services to my clients.

If you want to visit us then you can go through the link for the appointment.

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